“If you can learn from hard knocks you can also learn from soft touches.” – Carolyn Kenmore

Our Professionals – Serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

providersOffice Manager: Melissa

Office Staff: Linda, Jessica, Jane, Chelsea.

Psychiatrists: Dr. Cesar Fabiani, Dr. Alexander Kanevsky, Dr. Peter Swanljung.

Clinicians: Angie Morales-Acuna -LPC, Steve Gursky – LCSW, Allene Lyons – LCSW.

person_6x8Jacquie Coyle, LCSW:   (Serving our Bucks County Location)
I am a Pennsylvania licensed clinical social worker with an undergraduate degree in psychology from Wayne State University. I have 28 years of experience providing cognitive behavioral treatment for all ages. I work with adolescents, adults, couples and blended families. To me, therapy represents a self-educational process where a person of any age can raise their awareness of the choices they have in life and learn how to act on those choices to feel more at peace and empowered.


Marissa DeVita, ATR-BC, LPC: (Serving our Bucks County Location)
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist.  I earned my Masters in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Art Therapy from Caldwell College.  I provide a combination of talk and art therapy to facilitate personal growth and self-awareness and to assist clients in identifying and honoring strengths while developing creative coping skills.  I work with children, adolescents and adults and have experience with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, child behavioral disorders, depression, anxiety, divorce, grief and loss and eating disorders.  For more detailed information on art therapy please visit: http://www.arttherapy.org/upload/aatafactsheet.pdf


Steven Gursky, LCSW:   (Serving our Bucks County Location)
I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker. I am trained in EMDR (a therapy found to be especially effective in the treatment of trauma). I primarily use EMDR and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to address client concerns, but will use other modalities as needed. I see patients of all ages and believe that all people are deserving of respect and dignity. I enjoy assisting with a variety of mental health and relational concerns and also have had treatment success addressing medical problems, such as migraine headaches and Fibromyalgia.


Allene Lyons, LCSW:  (Serving our Bucks County Location)
I graduated from the University of Connecticut- School of Social Work with a Masters of Social Work and am a licensed Clinical Social Worker. My experience over these last 40 years has included providing psychotherapy to adults and couples, supervising clinical staff and graduate students, providing clinical training to colleagues, and directing social service and mental health agencies. When providing therapy, I engage the client using a variety of therapeutic models that match their personality and life events. These include behavior modification, cognitive behavioral techniques and psychodynamic therapies. I believe that people carry over their experiences from prior relationships to current situations. My goal is to help people see how they got to where they are today and then work together to develop coping skills and move past their current difficulties.


Angiemar Morales-Acuna, LPC:   (Serving our Bucks County Location)
I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Pennsylvania. I earned a Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology from LaSalle University. I enjoy working with children, adults and families. I offer a safe and comfortable environment to process and to understand experiences. My goal is to help support clients through daily life challenges by helping them to develop and reach their personal goals. I believe it is important to help clients to identify their strengths and to use these strengths to develop effective coping strategies. I use therapy interventions which best fit the individual’s personality and current needs. Areas of interest and expertise include behavioral issues, conduct disorder, child/adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, mood swings, communication issues, relational problems and spiritual concerns.


person_6x8Paul Williams, LPC ( Servicing the Bucks and Montgomery county offices):  I am a Masters-level licensed professional counselor with a family systems and solution-focused approach. I have vast experience helping individuals, couples and families. I view the family as an emotional unit and believe that the greatest level of healing occurs when familial relationships are mended and inter-generational trauma is addressed. Specifically, I help people to understand how their past and present significant relationships influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions. My overall goal is to help each person experience a more meaningful life and live up to their true potential.


Nicholle Charles-Pierre: I received a Master’s in Counseling in 2004 and have been working in the mental health field since then. Over the span of my career I have worked in a variety of settings assisting children, adolescents, adults, and families. I tend to draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches such as: behavioral, cognitive, and integrative. Throughout my experience I have assisted individuals and families with a broad range of challenges like: ADHD, depression, anxiety, school issues, emotional issues, familial, trauma, and grief/loss. My sessions are client-centered and treatment is goal-oriented that is tailored to the individual.


person_6x8Lenore Bailey, LCSW: My name is Lenore P. Bailey, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, licensed in both Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I received my MSW from Southern Connecticut State University. I have extensive experience working with children, adolescence and adults. I have worked as a school social worker in both Connecticut and Pennsylvania. While doing Outpatient Therapy in Connecticut, I practiced brief therapy, and continue to use it here in PA, along with other modalities. I have taken numerous professional development workshops, including CBT, grief counseling, trauma informed therapy, self-injurious behaviors, domestic violence, etc. I believe in helping people to tap into their inner strength by focusing on their positive traits. I also feel that if people were able to tell their life stories, it would allow them to realize where the breakdown in their story began so that they are able to mend that part of their lives, and put their life story back on track. I look forward to meeting you, as well as working with you!